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DUALISM is the interpretation of the world based on two principles that act jointly and collaborate with each other. It is proposed to be the basis of connection and creation, rather than the foundation of opposition.

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In this year's event, we approach subjects that touch upon current social, humanitarian, artistic and scientific issues, which consist of two principles.

The two principles seem to be unrelated and opposite to one another, but in reality they complement each other and act jointly to achieve a harmonious unity.

What are humans made of? Mind and body or just matter? How does the wave—particle duality lead to the cutting-edge technology of quantum computing? How do the parallel existence of electricity and magnetism and their relationship as identified by Maxwell, lead to our modern economy and society? How does digital dualism define our daily life? How does the contrast between white and black compose the essence of a picture? How do emptiness and fullness compose landscapes in architecture?

In all of the above, the dependence relationship between the two principles is clear. Without the existence of the first, the meaning of the other is negated.

The HubEventsKerameikos


The HUB Events

Alkminis 5, Kerameikos

Photo of The HUB Events' building

How to get to The HUB Events?

Public transport

The venue is 7 minutes away on foot from the nearest metro station, Kerameikos (M3 line), and 12 minutes away from the Kato Petralona station (M1 line).

You can also get there by bus or trolley:

  • Bus lines 049, 815, 838, 914, Β18, Γ18 (Kampa stop)
  • Trolley line 21 (Kampa stop)

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What is this event?

TEDx is a program that consists of local, self-organized events that bring people together. It was created by TED and is under the general guidance of the TED Conference.

TEDxNTUA is a conference that features talks on the topics of popular science, art, and social issues, stories that can inspire, as well as intriguing workshops and performances. It started in 2015 and is since run by volunteer students, mainly from NTUA.

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